How to add a Confirm Database Map Layer to map workspace

Product Feature:Mapping

Open the Feature Group screen for the required feature group.  
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Select the 'Use Confirm Database Map Layer' option. If updates have not been made to this feature group by Confirm Connect, and you have not created the Confirm database map layer before, then the Feature map layer import utility will open when you save the setting. If this is the case then you will need to specify the source map file that you wish to use to create the confirm map layer from. This will populate the sp_geography data in the feature table for the required feature group.
If changes have been made via ConfirmConnect then the sp_geometry fileds would be updated directly and the feature map layer import will not execute.
Selecting the 'Use Confirm Database map Layer' option then creates a new confirm registered layer (created with a blue 'c' icon in the registered layer window of the map screen.
You must then add the new Confirm registered map layer to the map window.
Save the map workspace. 
When you now use the map button (globe icon) from the feature screen, the map window will display the feature against the new layer.
UPDATED:  June 27, 2017