How to clear out Portrait Dialogue log files

Product Feature: Dialogue Admin, Visual Dialogue



When clearing out Portrait Dialogue (PD) log files, make sure not to delete the newest log file that is currently being written to.  
Remember that the files you delete contain potentially useful information for possible investigations into problems.

These logs might be useful when trying to identify a pattern of events over a long period of time.  Consider whether you wish to archive the log files before deleting them.  

One possible approach towards archiving the files would be to leave a set time periods worth of log files in place and zip the rest together in groups of a week, or a month.  
The zip files can be safely deleted when they are a year old, as it is unlikely that they would ever be needed.

On the Server

  • PD Error Logs would be in the  *\LogFiles\Errors" directory where Dialogue Server is installed.
  • PD API Trace files would be in the  *\LogFiles\Tracing" directory where Dialogue Server is installed.
  • If SQL Logging is turned on in Visual Dialogue, it is imperative that is is turned off after a short time.
    • These would be in the  *\LogFiles\SQL" directory where Dialogue Server is installed.
  • Some customers may additionally have PerfMon counters set up, in which case these same principles can be applied to archiving and deleting. 
    • Perfmon logs are normally written to the C:\PerfLogs directory
On the Client
  • Visual Dialogue Exception Logging is turned on in the Options window in Visual Dialogue.  There you can set the directory on the client to write to.  
UPDATED:  April 5, 2017