Confirm How to remeasure on an SOR

Product affected: Confirm™
Product Feature: Non-routine Maintenance

A job is displaying a remeasure at the wrong price, and is showing a value higher than what it should be.
For example, when entering the value as £0.00, it's displays as £12.57.
Enter SOR code 13.0007 in the Contract BOQ screen and this displays it as having a value of £194.77.
When the SOR item screen is checked, the value shown is £182.15.

User-added image

Contract BOQ rates have changed between the time it was ordered and the time a Payment Request was raised. 

The 'Payment Request' had the remeasured flag set and had set the quantity to zero but the remeasure still checks the rate and as it has gone up, some extra value had been added to the Payment Request. 'Confirm' is working as designed.
UPDATED:  February 12, 2019