PostalOne! generated Postage Statements have Finance number instead of Mail Owner info, and Mailer Scorecard is not broken out correctly using MailStream Plus

Product Affected:  MailStream Plus™ 
A Mailer reported that their PostalOne!-generated Postage Statements had the Finance number instead of Mail Owner info, and that their Mailer Scorecard was not being broken out correctly.

Some of the information that PostalOne! puts on the Postage Statements is not actually in the Mail.dat files.  It is determined by PostalOne! using CRIDs and MailerIDs that are in the Mail.dat files, to *look up* the Mailer's actual information in the USPS's data files.

The Mailer contacted the PostalOne! helpdesk, who told the mailer he needed to populate the Mail Owner and Mail Preparer IDs and CRIDs, and eDoc CRID.  

Using the Mail.dat standards, which are available here-
...the Mailer was able to determine the Mail.dat Field Codes that needed to be populated.  Then using the MailStream Plus™  (MSP) Guide, and looking up the Field Codes, he was able to determine which xx INF (RP INF, EP INF, BATINF, or PA INF) parameters and sub keywords to use.  
(In this case he was missing specifically the MDMIMP, MDIAMO, MDMFDO, MDMIMP, MDIAMP sub keywords.  But the Mail.dat files also contain other CRIDs and Mailer IDs that the USPS PostalOne! may require to be populated depending on your mailing.)

The PostalOne! Helpdesk is at 800-522-9085, or email
The USPS website that has their contact information is here-
UPDATED:  May 21, 2019