How to ensure accurate geocode and tax rate returns in GeoTax

UPDATED: April 14, 2017

The Special Purpose Districts file assigns one or more special districts to an address that falls within those districts. Load the Taxware file SUTSEQ to GROUP1.GEOTAXD.OPEN.SEQSUT and that gets loaded to GROUP1.GEOTAXD.OPEN.GTTAXW.  The Special Purpose Districts file is a boundary file. All .txb are tax boundary files. The file will be yourhlq.OPEN.GTBDSPD. Just FTP it using whatever method you want to the zOS. Make sure it is done in binary mode. No need to “load” anything, as it’s already in the format it needs. Dataset on zOS should be 8192 bytes long.  By having these two file loaded the correct tax rate 

Environment Details

Products Affected: GeoTax
Environments: zOS


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