Resolve Monticello MAILdb error due to a pallet with an O ('Other) pallet type in Mail.dat Field Code CSM-1104 in Mail.dat 14-2 files in MailStream Plus

A mailer wanted all trays of mail to be on pallets, even if it was just one tray.

He did that by turning on the RES (residual 'Courtesy Pallet') pallet level, by adding the following parameter-
PL LVL RES   Y                 N

And then telling MailStream Plus (MSP) to make RES pallets with as little as 1 tray of mail-
PL MIN RES               00001
PL FRC RES               00001
CP MIN RES               00001
CP FRC RES               00001

MSP made the small pallets, putting a Z (='User Pallet') in CSM-1005 ('Container Type' position 13), and putting an O (the letter O, "Other') in CSM-1104 ('Container Level' position 42.)

Maildb did not like the 'O'.  
Although we believe O to be the correct value for a RES 'User Pallet', to resolve the issue the user made the following changes-

Removed the PL LVL RES parameter.  And changed the MIN and FRC parameters from RES to ORG.
PL MIN ORG               00001
PL FRC ORG               00001
CP MIN ORG               00001
CP FRC ORG               00001

That told MSP to create real USPS Mixed-NDC pallets with a 'P' (Pallet) in CSM-1005, and 'AG' (Mixed NDC) in CSM-1104 (positions 42-43).  
MAILdb then accepted the files.

NOTE: The USPS DMM regulations generally do not allow USPS pallets with as little as only one tray on them.  So we recommend you first insure that your USPS facility will accept them, and/or that your subsequent processing takes care of the small pallets in some manner. 

The parameters mentioned above, and all MSP parameters are covered in the MSP Reference Guide.
UPDATED:  April 26, 2017