Question on MailStream Plus Pre-Release Notes for 8.3.0

Do we need to add the NEW 'xx INF MUSIMB' to our parameters?
No. This is optional and not required for Postal One at this time.  This sub keyword would be set to specify that the Mailer ID in the IMb Barcode is the Mailer ID of who performed/or provided the Move Update data.

The  xx INF MDMFDM – “Dun & Bradstreet Number (Mailing Agent).  REQUIRED for PostalOne!”
This value is being remove in MailStream Plus 8.3.0.  Is there another option?
Use the MDIAMP parameter to enter the CRID.  Do not use to represent an actual DUNS number  (Dun & Bradstreet Number.)

UPDATED:  March 27, 2017