How to resolve the error * Error: G1C1PGMS/G1@@PG *DTAARA not found’ installing CODE-1 Plus on an IBMi platform

Operating System: IBMi, Iseries
This is an example of a portion of the G1UILOG containing the error:
InstPrdUpd Processing data areas                                                                               
PrcDtaAra  Copying G1@@PG *DTAARA                                                                              
PrcDtaAra  -Deleting old G1@@PG *DTAARA                                                                        
PrcDtaAra  ***Error: G1C1PGMS/G1@@PG *DTAARA not found!                                                        
Rollback   Req rollback conf (SCR499)                                                                          
Rollback   Performing rollback                                                                                 
Rollback   Deleting G1C1PGMS                                                                                   
Rollback   Renaming G115033004 to G1C1PGMS                                                                     
Rollback   ***Rollback failed!                                                                                 
Abort      Installation aborted  

This error can occur if someone got into the library while the upgrade was being performed (another user signed on for example).  If the G1C1PGMS library contains the correct data area, this should not cause any problems under normal circumstances.  However, it is recommended that a re-attempt at the install be performed and 1) make certain there are no locks on the G1@@PGMS and G1C1PGMS libraries and 2) users are not accessing the libraries during the install process.
If the problem still occurs, it is helpful to send the joblog to Technical Support.  The job log is not created during the install as a file. 
It is tied to the session.  In order to get the joblog, sign off using option *LIST (SIGNOFF *LIST) and the spooled file will be produced
UPDATED:  April 21, 2017