Installing a license on the z/OS platform for Code1 Plus or MailStream Plus

Products Affected:  Code 1 Plus, MailStream Plus
Operating System: z/OS
Instructions for installing a CODE-1 Plus or MailStream Plus™ license on the z/OS platform are as follows:

1) Allocate the license file using the LMALOCF JCL in the installation library.  This JCL will:

STEP1OF3 - Delete the flat file.   
STEP2OF3 - Allocate the flat files.
STEP3OF3 - Transfer the license file    (NOTE:  This can be done outside the JCL using your own FTP method, however, be certain to FTP the .txt file as ASCII.)

Once the license file (.txt file) has been FTP'd successfully, use the installation LMDBIND JCL to install the license.  This JCL will:

STEP1OF4 - Define the G1LICEN VSAM file  (if not previously defined)         
STEP2OF4 - Load the License file: G1LICEN          
STEP3OF4 - List the Catalog entry for G1LICEN      
STEP4OF4 - Delete the flat file that was uploaded. 
It is highly recommended to install a new permanent license or a temporary license into a fresh new dataset (do not overlay an existing G1LICEN file).

The log that is generated should reflect at least two new keys added.  If not, the install was unsuccessful.  
UPDATED:  June 19, 2019