Filling a tray in a MailStream Plus presort

Products Affected:  MailStream Plus™
How does MailStream Plus™ (MSP) decide how many pieces to put into a tray for a First-Class letter presort?
MSP decides how many pieces fit in a tray by the thickness of the pieces.  This is presented in the P ATTR position 30 – 34:
Define the thickness, in inches, of a stack of 100 pieces.
For example, if the thickness of 100 pieces is 1 inch, then you would put in the value of 00001
Then when MSP does a presort for a 2 foot tray, which is 21 inches on the bottom of a tray, this would show 2100 pieces in a full 2 foot tray.
If a 1 foot tray is filled, this is 10.25 Inches on the bottom of a tray, this would show 1025 pieces in a full 1 foot tray.
If the thickness given on the P ATTR(s) in the job is incorrect, then too many or too few pieces will be presented to fill each tray.
UPDATED:  April 17, 2019