How to configure Authorisation notice in OfficeMail

The User is able to configure how frequently a notice will be sent to an authoriser upon receiving an authorisation request.
This is done at the Admin Web Site (AWS) Options in the Authorisation section.
The "Notify Authoriser every (minute)" can be set to 1 or higher.

The interval starts from when a document requiring authorisation appears in the authorisation pool.
Office Mail system has the default configuration of:
- "10" for Notify Authoriser if pending authorisations >
- "5" for the Notify Authoriser every (minute)

10 is the maximum number of jobs requiring authorisation existing on the system before sending out a notification.
The system will send out the notification upon receiving the 11th job that requires authorisation, the authoriser is then notified at intervals of 5 minutes.

Setting the "notify authoriser if pending authorisations >" to a high value which would never be reached i.e. 100,000 will avoid a notification being sent to the authoriser. 

Setting the "Notify Authoriser every (minutes)" to a high value which would never be reached i.e. 100,000 will avoid further notifications being sent to the authoriser after the first one.
Note: both configurations options above will not stop end users getting the popup of authorisation required upon submission.
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Products Affected: Office Mail
UPDATED:  July 18, 2017