How to set up Task Throttling on the task processor in Confirm

Product Feature: Application Infrastructure
Slots can be reserved for running only critical tasks, out of total number of tasks that can run in parallel for an agent. This is done by an entry in Database config. file: ReservedCriticalTasks=<number>

By default, Task Processor can run upto 10 parallel tasks for a database. This can be limited by uncommenting ThreadCount setting in TaskProcessorService.exe.config file: <add key="ThreadCount" value="4"/>

So, for example, if 'ALERTS & NOTIFICATIONS AGENT' priority is set to 'Critical' and 2 servers are configured for Task Processor & I make these 2 changes on Server1:
1. Add an entry in Database config. file on Server1 as: ReservedCriticalTasks=1
2. Add an entry in TaskProcessorService.exe.config file as: <add key="ThreadCount" value="4"/>

This will increase the probability of ALERTS & NOTIFICATIONS AGENT being processed on Server 1 and this will also ensure that at max 4 tasks will be processed at a time.
UPDATED:  September 4, 2017