How to automatically Log Off/Reuse User Sessions in Confirm

Product Feature: Security Settings
It is possible to specify a number of hours after which Confirm user sessions will be reused. This setting will come into effect if the maximum number of licensed Confirm user sessions has been reached at that particular site. If the setting is applied and the maximum number reached, then the oldest session will be logged out first.

To apply the setting:

1) From the Confirm Explorer main menu expand the System Administration folder and within that folder expand the Security folder.

2) Within the Security folder open/double-click the Security Settings window.

3) The setting in question, 'Reuse User Session after', is the last listed in the Security Settings window. In the box provided enter the number of hours after which Confirm user sessions will be reused, or alternatively click the up and down arrows. To begin reusing sessions older than a day, for example, we would enter 24.

IMPORTANT - as always when resetting sessions, automatically or manually, ensure you do not log out important sessions or sessions that are long-running by intention, e.g. a long-running administrative function.
UPDATED:  April 21, 2017