Specifying the 'USPS Pick Up' Field Code CSM-1171 in Mail.dat files using MailStream Plus?

Product affected: MailStream Plus™, all versions, all platforms.
'USPS Pick Up' Field Code CSM-1171 is set using a xx INF parameter (EP INF, or RP INF, or BATINF) and the sub keyword MDMFPU.   The values are Y, N, or blank.
For the USPS picking up the mailing, the parameter would have a Y, and would look like this if using RP INF-

RP INF                     MDMFPU Y

(​This is sometimes also referred to as 'Induction Method' or 'DMUVMT'.)

All parameters are discussed in the MailStream Plus™ Guide.
UPDATED:  May 15, 2019