How to install Group 1 applications such as List Conversion, Generalized Selection and other Legacy applications

UPDATED: April 28, 2017

Attached is the 1998 Group 1 Software "System Delivery/Installation Guide" for MVS & VSE Systems platforms.  It contains the instructions for compiling and linking the legacy Group 1 applications.

In Appendix A there is a list by application of what modules are in each application.
(Some of the applications are no longer supported by Pitney Bowes Software.  Some applications like MailStream Plus and CODE-1 Plus are now provided pre-compiled and pre-linked, so the lists no longer apply to them.)

Business Merge/Purge
Consumer Merge/Purge
Generalized Selection
I/O Jet
Label Printing
List Conversion

Environment Details

Operating System: MVS and VSE (z/OS, z/VSE)


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