How to set up a 'Parcel Select Lightweight' mailing which goes onto a 3605 Postage Statement in MailStream Plus

Product affected: MailStream Plus™, all versions, all platforms
Several years ago the USPS made a category change to move some types of Standard Mail parcels to be Package Services (basically for pricing reasons.)
This change was implemented in the MailStream Plus™ (MSP) 8.0.2 release in 2012.  In that release a new option was added to the ML TYP parameter- an 'L' in position 12 for 'Parcel Select Lightweight (Parcel Select Only)'.

Although this type of mailing is now 'Package Services' and is reported on a 3605-R Postage Statement, the presort selection/setup was not changed and is still the same as when it was a Standard Mail parcels mailing.  
Therefore to do this type of mailing in MSP, on the 'ML TYP' (Mail Type) parameter position 8 there would be an S (or a 3), which indicates a Standard Mail or a Package Services Parcel Select Lightweight (PSLW) mailing.
Then a P in position 10 to indicate parcels, and the L in position 12 for the 'Parcel Select Lightweight' presort.

There are two possible types of 'Parcel Select Lightweight' on the 3605 Statements- Machinable Parcels and Irregular Parcels.  Which category specific mail pieces will go into depends on:
---The piece's physical construction, weight, and piece dimensions.  Please see the DMM (Domestic Mail Manual) at for additional information.
---That MailStream Plus is told to create the machinable presort group.

On the P ATTR parameter position 66 is where MSP is told that a piece is automation-compatible/machinable, or not. 
A Y indicates it qualifies as a Machinable Parcel, or an N would make it an Irregular Parcel.
NOTE:  MSP does check some of the physical aspects of the pieces using values given on the P ATTR parameter.  So even if the P ATTR has a Y (for Machinable) in position 66, if one of the dimension checks MSP makes is outside the allowed limit for this type of Machinable Parcel, the piece will be changed to be an Irregular Parcel.  
In the event this happens, a message can be found in the RPT file (<jobname>.rpt, or DD MSRPRPT, or PRNTRPT on IBMi) which will say-
***  WARNING  ***  Out of DMM limit for auto, PATTR(66) set to N; PID=P
(The value 'P' in the example message above would be replaced with the identifier value on the P ATTR in the actual mailing.)

Also- on the ALG BC parameter, position 26 is "Attempt Machinable Qualification"  If that is set to N, that alone will make the pieces go as PSLW Irregular Parcels, even if the P ATTR(s) have a Y in 66, and the pieces are physically Automation-compatible.

So, if either P ATTR position 66 is N *and/or* ALG BC position 26 is N, then the pieces will be presorted as Irregular Parcels.  Both must be Y to do a Machinable presort (and the pieces must be physically within the limits that MSP checks as mentioned in 1) above.)
UPDATED:  May 22, 2019