How to use the export participants function in Visual Dialogue.

- Max amount of participants?
Some customers have asked if it is possible to limit the number of participants exported.  The answer is no, when exporting participants, all participants in the group are exported.

- Do you recommend it to be used in a live environment with a lot of parallel operations?
Pitney Bowes Professional Services have the most experience in setting these things up optimally in Portrait Dialogue.
There are a lot of things in the specific environment that must be taken into consideration.
Running exports in Portrait Dialogue can be affected by other processes which are running, the available memory, and running out of memory when trying to export a large volume of data. 
It can be affected by operating systems limits on maximum file size, and limits in the 3rd party software we use for certain export file types.
It should also be remembered that Dialogue runs as a 32 bit process, so there is a hard limit of 2GB of process memory available if running unextended and approximately 4GB if running extended.

UPDATED:  May 1, 2018