Resolve allow only specific user to have access to specific insert in OfficeMail

in Officemail INSERT can be created at the Admin Website  (AWS) - Configuration - Media - Insert.
Once INSERT is created, admin user need to enable it at AWS - Organisation - Manage - Roles e.g. 
- select an appropriate role e.g. PI-OFMA-DEFAULT
tick the INSERT at Pre-printed Insert window

To limit only specific user  to have access towards the INSERT:
- create a new role at AWS - Organisation - Manage - Roles
- tick the INSERT at Pre-printed Insert window
- then go to AWS - Organisation - Manage - Access
- create a new Access Pools
- select and edit it, add-in the newly created role and appropriate user; who need to have access to the newly created INSERT
- then activate the role that created at the Access Pools

- please only tick the newly createdd INSERT at appropriate role
- if the INSERT is also ticked at PI-OFMA-DEFAULT, then all users who are assigned with 
PI-OFMA-DEFAULT role will have access to the INSERT
Environment Details

UPDATED:  August 17, 2018