Error 28417 - Document Signature Mismatch

UPDATED: April 6, 2017

Signature Mismatch error in E2Vault:

Error Code in the Vault Log file:

ERROR 28417: document signature [3AB28CC900879143BF4A4D3DBD86E611] embedded in the page does not match the signature [ECD108CD4BB0884DBDD42F49492A5B93] specified in the journal
ERROR 10114: document build failed for file [work\ro_op_n_cmletter_0000000694_07022015041858.dat_e2v.drp]

The signatures should always match with Doc1 output, and if they don't it is likely because the journal and the print file came from different runs. In this case I would rerun the Doc1 Generate job to make sure that you have a HIP/PS/JRN set that all match. 
You can also try clearing out the work folder, dropped the archives files into download again and see if they are successfully ingested.


Environment Details

Product Feature: General

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