XSD Schema for input XML files involved in Data Push in EngageOne Server

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Below lists out the XSD File Schema for input files involved when you do a Data Push in EngageOne.

When you do a data push, there are three different XMLs as per below: 
1.Customer XML - this is the customer actual XML file for which they should have its corresponding XSD. 
2.Interactive data format XML - its corresponding XSD is included in the template which you import in EngageOne. 
3.Data Map XML (tells the mapping between (1) and (2)). 

Regarding (3) Data Map XML:
a.It's corresponding XSD is available in \\..\EngageOne\Samples\schema as map.xsd. 
b.An example of the XSD is also available in the "
EngageOne_3.1.2_ProgrammersReferenceGuide (Generation 2).pdf" documentation in the following section: Data Push Integration > Data map XML schema and examples.

An example of the XSD for Data Map XML is attached in this article.
UPDATED:  April 5, 2017