How to uniquely identify Features/Assets in an Import Anything file for Confirm

Products affected: Confirm®
Product feature: Asset Register

Features with duplicate Feature IDs CANNOT be imported into Confirm® using the Import Anything functionality.

Assets in import file are uniquely identified in 3 ways and in this order of preference (available in the Confirm help file section for the Import Anything Specifications as well):
  1. Site and Plot Number.
  2. Central Asset ID.
  3. Feature ID and Start Date. Start date in this instance is used as an effective date.
Features cannot be modified so that the Feature itself or any of its Inventory has a start date greater than the end date

Versioning of a Feature can only occur if the unique Feature ID system setting is set to true. When versioning a Feature the Feature ID must be the same as the existing Feature but with a different Central Asset ID. The existing Feature with the greatest start date is always selected as the Feature to version.
UPDATED:  May 9, 2017