How to add, register and run a tool in MapInfo Pro 64-bit

product affected: MapInfo Pro™

To add, register, and a tool in MapInfo Pro 64-bit, perform the following steps:

In MapInfo Pro, go to Home > Tools > Tool Extensions > Options > Register Tool

In the Register Tool Dialog
   1)  Assign a Name the tool in the Title box.
   2) Click the button to the right of the field "Path" and browse to the folder that contains the *.mbx, select the tool and click Open.
      In this example, the tool is named: RingBuffer.mbx.
Note: for this particular tool, there is an additional needed file called RingBuffer.str that must be in the same folder as the .mbx file.
   3) Add a description if desired and then click OK
User-added image

Go to Home > Tools > Tool Extensions > Registered and.check the "Autoload" box and click the icon to the very right of the word Autoload to Run the tool.
User-added image

Go to Home > Tools>Tools Extensions > Running and then right-click on the tool see the various the menu items for the tool.
Note: some tools created for MapInfo Pro 32-bit version will create a "Legacy" tab on the ribbon when running.  If that Legacy tab appears, the tool's menus will be accessed from that tab when running.

UPDATED:  May 23, 2019