Values to put in bounce 'Non-automatic handling' in Portrait Dialogue

Product Feature: Dialogue setup

To get to the Non-automatic handling  area in Bounced Email Configuration Properties:

First open Dialogue Admin, and go to your instance then Dialog setup/Bounce email setup/Bounce configurations.
Then right click on Bounce configurations and select Properties.  In the properties window, select the Bounce logic tab.

In the Non-automatic handling section, there is a field labelled Forward to this address

User-added image

The value you should enter here is the email address of the group, or person who would be responsible for manually interpreting the reason an email got bounced when Portrait Dialogue/BoogieBounce had been unable to make that determination automatically. 
If there is no such group or person in your organization, put in a dummy email address.  It would be best to create an email address, just for this purpose.

If you are using a bulk emailer (i.e. Tripolis, EmailDirect,  WebPower, Etc.), this email should not be an email they have set up for you.

UPDATED:  April 21, 2017