Why does MailStream Plus out file contain STID 702 and 700?

The STID 702 is for nonautomation at the standard rate and the STID 700 is nonautomation at the First class rate. When a presort is batched using the [B CODE] each batch is processed as a separate presort and recorded on the reports as a separate presort. If one batch does not have enough pieces to be processed at the nonautomation standard letter rate [702] the software changes the STID to [700] because that batch did not meet the 150 or more requirement for standard letter nonautomation so the pieces are presorted at the single piece rate [STID 700]. The STID 702 and 700 will appear in the output file as well as in the Mail.dat .pdr file.

This information also applies to STID 080 and STID 081 as well.

UPDATED:  August 31, 2017