What do the utility stored procedures do in the Portrait Foundation database?

Product Feature: Database
The Portrait Foundation database contains a large number of stored procedures when it is installed.
They follow a naming convention whereby the abbreviation directly following 'p_amc_' indicates their usage.
The utility stored procedures (p_amc_utl_*) are not normally used from within the runtime, but can be used by developers for ad hoc purposes.
Foundation utility stored procedures

Each utility procedure's functionality is described in comments at the top of its definition.
Please note though, that these procedures are not routinely tested as part of the application release schedule, so they should be used with caution.
For example, we have found that some customers can experience issues with the four out-of-the-box p_amc_utl_gen_*_views procedures.
They may be adapted and evolved by our customer's DBAs when needed, but we will not be creating any patches for them in the future and cannot guarantee their inclusion in later releases of the database installation.
UPDATED:  April 3, 2017