How to run multiple MailStream Plus jobs simultaneously

MailStream Plus (MSP) ran multiple jobs at the same time. 

It is  important confirm that the different jobs use different output names and work file names.  
(One exception is the MSETCI file, which is used to keep track of the Intelligent Mail serial numbers assigned to Sacks, Trays, and Pallets.  
All jobs should use the same MSETCI file.) 

Users can refer to the Installation Verification test job, which is installed with the software, to see how file names are assigned.
The default job name is ivp.bat, ivp.job, IVPFILE, or @IVP@, depending on the computer platform being used.

The only limitations would be the computer system's resources for memory, and the space available for writing output files and for temporary sort and work files. 

UPDATED:  January 10, 2019