How does the Support Policy for Coding Products work?

Operating System: z/OS, AIX, Solaris, HP-UX, Linux Redhat, AS400, iSeries, IBMi
Support policy for coding products is Current version plus One back version.  The support for a version that is considered 'One back' will be dropped when a newer version of the product is released.
Refer to the Pitney Bowes Software Support and Maintenance handbook

Current version : Finalist version 9.1 GA, released in Nov 2015
One back version : Finalist version 9.0 GA

When Finalist version 9.2 is released; Finalist version 9.2 becomes the 'current' version and Finalist 9.1 becomes the 'One back' version.  Finalist version 9.0 support drops when Finalist version 9.2 becomes available.

UPDATED:  April 19, 2017