How to re-release a bundle from the Admin WebSite in PI OfficeMail

How to re-release a bundle from the Admin WebSite (AWS) in OfficeMail 

It is possible to adapt OfficeMail to put a "released bundle" back into the admin website as "a new bundle" in a pending state so that it can be released again.
This is sometimes required when the workflow has mistakenly deleted the generated OfficeMail output file (the BSV file) for the released bundle.

From the SQL Server, start MS SQL Server Management Studio, run following query:
use PIOfficeMail
select * from JobBundle where JobCount = n

Where n is the number of job appears in the AWS for the bundle that need to resubmit.
This query will show the JobBundleID of the relevant bundle

If Ticket TKT file still exists, the JobBundleID is part of the TKT file name; highlighted in sample below:
FC07DAEF-910C-4DBE-8A51-5AD4F3EE2D4D_Colour_Duplex_DL_First Class.TKT
From the Bundler Server, stop the SFTP Service.
Then from the MS SQL Server Management Studio, run following query to list all those jobs/docs for the bundle:
use PIOfficeMail
select * from Job where JobBundleID = 'FC07DAEF-910C-4DBE-8A51-5AD4F3EE2D4D'

All the PDF files need to be renamed in SFTPOut directory (e.g. C:\OfficeMail\SFTPOut) by replacing the job/doc name with the Bundler Server’s IP address
e.g. Change “Standard 2 page letter a.doc_8b865cc0-9810-478c-8a96-003dc9646521.pdf”
To “”

The following can be done to locate each PDF in DocumentStore directory and copy it to the SFTPOut directory with a prefix of the IP address in the file name:
- since the SQL query to list all the jobs/docs, it is possible to copy all the JobIDs to a text file
- then create a batch file to copy the files with a prefix of the IP address

COPY "C:\OfficeMail\DocumentStore\*_8B865CC0-9810-478C-8A96-003DC9646521.PDF" "C:\OfficeMail\SFTPOut\"
COPY "C:\OfficeMail\DocumentStore\*_D7922858-9F60-462B-A815-009713D17FA3.PDF" "C:\OfficeMail\SFTPOut\"
COPY "C:\OfficeMail\DocumentStore\*_2A4A8BC8-3C70-4396-B0AA-03C91617D9BF.PDF" "C:\OfficeMail\SFTPOut\"
and so on...
From the MS SQL Server Management Studio, run the following query to change the JobStatusID for all those jobs/docs to 7:
use PIOfficeMail
update Job
set JobStatusID=7
where JobBundleID = 'FC07DAEF-910C-4DBE-8A51-5AD4F3EE2D4D'

Note: all jobs should have the JobStatusID set to 7.
Admin Service will then pick-up this change and generate a mini ticket file (*.mt) for each PDF and set all jobs to JobStatusID of 1
Next from the Bundler Server, start the SFTP Service.
Wait for a while for the Bundler to start processing.
When this is completed a new bundle will appears on the AWS pending release.

Please verify and contact the Software Support Team at if you have any query.

Environment Details
Products Affected: Office Mail
UPDATED:  August 15, 2017