How to change the license key in Doc1 V5\V6

Product Feature: Administration

With V5 of Doc1, the license tool is installed in the PBBI CCM Program Group accessible through the Start menu:
User-added image

With V6 of Doc1, it is accessible within the Designer when logged on as the Admin user:
User-added image

The License tool enables the user to modify the current license key (tool is the same in both versions of Designer):
User-added image

If you want to change an existing key, highlight the key you want to change, and hit the "remove" button.  You can then use the "add" button to add the new license key.

The license key is tied to the customer name, so this must be correct, or the "ok" button will not activate.

Please note that keycodes supplied for V5.x of Designer will also work with V6.x of Designer.  
UPDATED:  January 17, 2018