How to configure Spectrum/Portrait Miner to run in parallel

Product Feature: Main Explorer window
You can set the level of parallelism in Spectrum/Portrait Miner by:
  1. In the Spectrum/Portrait Miner explorer window, select the Edit - Preferences menu option
  2. In the Preferences window, select the System Tuning section in the left-hand pane
  3. Click in the Value textbox for the parallelism option and enter the required value then Save the change.
Your system administrator may have set a limit to the maximum number of processors that can be used by a Spectrum/Portrait Miner user session, otherwise the maximum value you can set is the number of available processors on the server.  If you set parallelism greater than this, a warning will be displayed when you next open a Spectrum/Portrait Miner tool and the default system setting will be used.

 parallelism out of range warning

Note that this preference change will only come into effect when you next login to Spectrum/Portrait Miner, so you should restart the application.
UPDATED:  August 1, 2017