Notes on the replacement of ADDRPRM copybook with EXTADDR2 in CODE-1 Plus 4.0

Prior to CODE-1 Plus 4.0, ADDRPRM was provided as the copybook for the EXTADDR callable program. In CODE-1 Plus 4.0, the EXTADDR callable has been replaced with EXTADDR2 and the ADDRPRM  copybook has been replaced with copybooks EXT2PARM and EXT2DATA.

Excerpt from the CODE-1 Plus 4.0 Release Notes: 

Calling EXTADDR2 

EXTADDR2 is a separate routine that can be called independently of the CODE-1 Plus™ matcher. The EXT2PARM and EXT2DATA parameters are required to call EXTADDR2. Pitney Bowes supplies the EXT2PARM and EXT2DATA parameters as COBOL copybooks with the CODE-1 Plus™ software. 
UPDATED:  April 26, 2017