MailStream Plus test job (IVP, or IVPFILE, or @IVP@) gives two warning messages. Is that normal/correct?

Update 2017-08-09
The first warning no longer occurs in MailStream Plus (MSP) versions 8.3.2 and later, because  MSP now supports both type of Carrier Route preparations in the same mailing.

When running the IVP test job (IVP, or IVPFILE, or @IVP@), two warning messages are normal in the RPT report file (DD MSRPRPT, or PRNTRPT on IBMi).

For MailStream Plus 8.2.1 and earlier, they are-
***  WARNING  ***  DMM 245.6.6 ECR turned off because DMM 245.6.7 is on  
***  WARNING  ***  The Mail Induction Date is out of Range for the PRF due to Value of INF MDMFSD    
The first one relates to the Carrier Route portion of the mailing.  There are two types of possible CRRT presorts under the USPS rules.  MailStream Plus (MSP) looks at the mailing and determines which is the correct one to do.  Then it puts out a message that it has turned off the one that does not apply to the mailing.   For the IVP test job, the DMM 245.6.7 is the correct one to use, and 245.6.6 is turned off.
The second warning message is saying that the mail Induction Date is out of range for the Postal Reference files being used.  That is the date 01/20/2008 in bytes 12-21 of the data area, as shown below-
RP INF                     MDMFSD 07/25/2008901/20/200801:55*                                
Since the date is outside of the range for the Postal Reference Files being used, a warning is given.  

For MailStream Plus 8.3.0 and later, they are-
***  WARNING  ***  DMM General ECR turned off because Auto-Compatible ECR is on
***  WARNING  ***  The PRF Mail Induction Date Validation not done due to Missing INF MDMFSD
The first message was revised to be more informative, and to remove the DMM (USPS Domestic Mail Manual) references.
The second was changed in that the RP INF MDMFSD parameter was removed from the IVP job, so now the warning says it is missing and the date was not validated, instead of the ‘out of range’ message.
UPDATED:  August 11, 2017