Populating the value "RR" in the Mail.dat CCR file get the Earned Value Reply Mail Credit using MailStream Plus

Products affected:  MailStream Plus™
Supported Platforms:  All
Because the "RR"  USPS promotion for Earned Value Reply Mail envelope is a Characteristic Type :  Incentive
You will need to use the MailStream Plus™ (MSP) PA INF with MDICID RR
  •    MDICID: Component Characteristic Record - Incentives
 If this is your only Piece ID, or if you want all the Piece IDs in the job to use the same incentive value, use an L in position 8 of the PA INF. 
If you have multiple P ATTR parameters, and they will have different incentive values, then do not use the L.  Instead use the appropriate Piece ID in positions 14 – 22
on separate PA INFs .
On the REPORT MAILDAT, place a Y to request the CCR file.

Add the appropriate mailing date using an RP INF with sub keyword M3DATE so MSP can verify the promotion date for the mailing.
 The full explanation of each parameter is available in the current MailStream Plus Reference guide.

PA INF L                   MDICID RR
RP INF                     M3DATE 20190506

Here is the location on the USPS website that provides information about this promotion:

If you want to add 'MI' for USPS mobile barcode promotion and the 'RR' for earned value credit, then these codes are added to the same parameter:

PA INF L                   MDICID MIRR
RP INF                     M3DATE 20190506

UPDATED:  May 21, 2019