MailStream Plus Why does a pallet receive SCF discount instead of NDC discount

Pallet 2 according to the Audit report is a NDC pallet with 8 trays going to the EP S294, 29401, SCF CHARLESTON. When looking to not have less than 18 trays going to the SCF and no more than 6 trays going to the NDC. The the parameter setup caused the software to roll/ create the NDC pallet for  EP S294, 29401, SCF CHARLESTON. The presort did not have enough mailpieces/ trays to create a SCF pallet the presort did have enough to create an NDC pallet for 6 trays.

The reason Pallet 2 [6 trays] went to the SCF is because it qualified for SCF discount and based on the information the parameters followed the USPS DMM rules.
The presort setup created NDC pallets when there were 6 trays with mail for the SCF. Based on the DMM DSCF rate for Letters
It states that the Mail must be in trays destined within the SCF and there is no reference to a pallet level. Since all the Trays are within the SCF they are receiving the SCF discount MSP left the pieces at the SCF and did not move them to the NDC.

Note - to make a NDC pallet for the 6 trays on pallet 2 information:
Add the parameters CP MAX and PL MAX the software will create two pallets going to the NDC.- the software logic is to look at how many pallets it need then select the trays going to the pallets evenly between the pallets.

UPDATED:  October 22, 2018