Confirm - Street Works: Not enough Characters for DTLR Ref 2 Code

Product Feature: Street Works

Operating System: Not stated

Database: Not stated

Configuration: Not stated

A customer reaches 1000 on their Organisation list but the DTLR Ref 2 code does not give them enough characters to do another, e.g. 'ZT1000'. The customer requires the 2 letter prefix to show it is a Minor Undertaker.


The limit is 3 digits (999) as per the ETON specification:


Ask customer if they genuinely have 999 active Organisations. For any of those that are actually Dead their references could be reused.

Confirm can support multiple Organisations with the same DfT References. Minor undertakers must, though, ensure their Works References are unique (they could add a unique prefix to their Works References to ensure this) - then they can create Works in Confirm.

To avoid confusion in the OD File, ensure the Minor Undertakers are different Organisation Groups so they are not all transmitted out.
UPDATED:  November 20, 2017