How do we import scores and simple lists into Portrait Dialogue

Portrait Dialogue integrates with Portrait Miner and can be made to integrate with other systems that generate customer lists and scoring.
To import from 3rd party systems, we would strongly advise that you talk to our Professional Services team who will be able to arrange consultancy in this area.
The Portrait Dialogue documentation covers this subject area in its Reference Guide.
Simplistically, the steps that need to be taken involve making calls to the Dialogue API via the web service so that they execute SQL to update the internal Dialogue tables with category information, etc. There is also a plug-in shipped with Portrait Dialogue which is used at this stage.
Then, SQL is run to load the lists and score information into the Dialogue database.
If you already use Portrait Miner, you can see an example of the template SQL files used in the pmhome\ext\millionhandshakes folder.
UPDATED:  April 12, 2017