Code-1 Plus P9OOCR returns an S even if there is no spelling error

P9OOCR is a 1-character code indicating the success or reason for failure of the city name match attempt.  An S is returned if any changes at all were made to the input city name.  For example:

1.  A spelling error was corrected, which includes a space being added or removed.

2.  A different city name was returned due to the options that have been specified.  For example, if your code includes a Y in P9I-ABBREV, that indicates that you wish to have the abbreviated city name returned.  If you input the primary city name, and an abbreviated city name is returned, P9OOCR will contain an S.  Same goes for vanity city name (P9IFC9) & preferred city name (P9IZCT)
UPDATED:  April 26, 2017