OfficeMail OFMA install Printer Driver with proxy server

When installing the Printer Driver, an "Advanced Settings" option is available at a stage, which allowed user to:
- select "Manual proxy configuration"
- enter <the required http/https> and port
And will allowed Printer Driver to go through the defined proxy server when connect to the OFMA server.

User also able to amend the installed Printer Driver with proxy server.
This can be done by:
- open the Windows Registry Editor i.e. run regedit
- go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Pitney_Bowes\P/I OfficeMail\Preview Utility
- amend following:
     ProxyServer - enter the required "http/https://<hostname/ipaddress>:<port>"
     ProxyConfiguration - 2
     ProxyEnable - 1
Environment Details

UPDATED:  March 28, 2017