How to understand different Spectrum patch types

UPDATED: October 13, 2017

Spectrum has S,C, and O types of patches and a full release for example Spectrum release 10.0.0 or a Spectrum release 10.0 SP1

CDQ 9.0 S16 -> S stands for Singular and is meant to address one issue and delivered to customers on all platforms.
CDQ 8.0 C04 -> C stands for Combined and is meant to address multiple issues and delivered to customers on all platforms. The last C patch we have had is the one mentioned i.e CDQ 8.0 C04 from 8.0 SP2
CDQ 9.0 O14 -> O stands for one-off and is meant for a customer or a subset of customers.

A patch intended for Spectrum 9.0 SP2 must not be deployed on a server running spectrum 9.0 SP3 as 9.0 SP3 has the fix included in the release. To check the 9.0 S16 pacth is deployed go to the <spectrum_install_location> location and check for the 9.0S16.rls file.
The *.rls file is the release file that are zipped up with the patch files and included in the download.

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