Questions about Code1 & Geotax

UPDATED: March 27, 2017

Q.1: Can there be  multiple versions of Code1 on the same server?

Answer: It's not recommended to have more than one version of Code1 installed on the same server as the second installation will look for the first to use the existing locations and this will mess up both your installations.

Q.2: Geotax v6.1.4 is not compatible with RHEL7 due to glibc version. Will there be a new version for Geotax  which will be compatible with RHEL7?

There is a newer version of Geotax available (7.0) but it is currently not supported on Linux 7.0 only Linux 6.1. There is no time line available at this time for when there will be a Geotax version for Linux 7.

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