How to check which software updates were released for MailStream Plus (MSP) 8.2.0 and 8.2.1 ?

The compile dates mentioned below are found when you run a job, and look in the MSP Execution Log output file (DD MSRPXLG, or PRNTXLG on IBMi).  
When each module starts it prints the compile date on the line, like this for when module MSDR01 started-
04/27/2015  09:55:27            MSDR01     I MSDR01 started.  Compiled 06162014 at 091135.  Generated 06162014 at 090649.

There were two updates for MSP 8.2.0- S01 and S02.
The original modules had compile dates of Dec 2013. 
Then S01 update was released in January 2014, and replaced some modules, and the new ones have compile dates of January 2014.
Then S02 was later released in March 2014, replacing some modules, and they have compile dates of March 2014.

There was only one update released for MSP 8.2.1- S01.
The original modules have compile dates of June 2014.
S01 was released in August 2014, and replaced some modules, and they have compile dates of August 2014.

The MSP software version can be found on the top line of the execution log, like this example-
MailStream Plus Presorting and Reporting System, R08.2M01
which translates as being MSP version 8.2.1
UPDATED:  April 20, 2017