MapInfo Professional Inverse selection

User have 2 tables, a large one (large) and a small one (small) and would like to know what records in the large table do not exist in the small.

To find all the records in the large table that do NOT join with the small table.

Here are the 2 tables - the Large table is not mappable and the small table is mappable (procedure is the same if small table is not mappable - the large table must be made mappable):

Here is the join:

After running the following query, notice that only the mappable table's browser's (Small) shows the selections - no selections are indicated on the Large table.

Because of that clients cannot use the Inverse Selection to find the records in the Large table that did not join.:

But if the Large table is selected for mappable via Table>maintenance>Table Structure, clients can trick MI Pro and thus use the Inverse Selection as desired:

Now re-run the query and then press the Inverse Selection button to select the records that fail the join:

Please note the results of the selections in the Large table:

Once you have clicked the inverse selection button click on Window > New browser of the Selection -

These are the records in the large table that failed the join:

Here are the results browsed selection created from the inverse selection.

Now save the records or export the browser of inverse selections as a new table.
UPDATED:  April 10, 2017