How to install CODE-1 Plus on CICS

Operating System: z/OS
Here are the instructions for installing CODE-1 Plus in a CICS environment:

CODE-1 Plus requires you to configure CICS as part of the installation process if you wish to use the Interactive System.These instructions assume that you are familiar with modifying the CICS environment. If you are not, please ask a CICS systems programmer for assistance. For a list of supported CICS versions, see the “Supported Platforms” document available at

Interactive components are not compatible with any prior releases of your Pitney Bowes product and cannot co-exist in the same CICS region or load library with prior releases. The execution load libraries contain the load modules required for the interactive system. The install library (yourhlq.INSTALL.JCL) contains the JCL for updating the CSD entries. Installing the interactive system in CICS requires the following steps, described below:

1. Install the resource definitions.

2. Install the customization file, if one exists for this product.

3. Define the product loadlibs to CICS.

4. Execute the CICS system.

Step 1. Install Resource Definitions
Install resource definitions as follows:
• Modify the C1PCSD member according to the instructions within the member.
• Submit the job and check the output.

Step 2. Install the Customization File (Optional)
The following members in the install library assist you in installing the customization file G1xxFDF, if applicable. Follow the instructions within the members to install this new file.

• DEFCUSTM—contains the JCL to define and initialize the file
• CUSTMUTL—contains the JCL to repair, re-initialize, and display the password.

Step 3. Define the Product Loadlibs to CICS (PDS and PDSE)
Add the load libraries unloaded above to the DFHRPL concatenation. On the next startup of that CICS region, the interactive system should be available.

Step 4. Execute the Interactive System
You are ready to execute the interactive system. From a blank CICS screen, enter the transaction name G1CP. 
UPDATED:  June 27, 2017