How to configure maximum export rows in OfficeMail

User able to define the following at Options - Websites:
Maximum export rows
Maximum export rows for a table

his is to limit the number of job appear in the result when generating bundle report.

Higher value for those options will consume larger amount of memory.
And if available memory (RAM) is exhausted, OFMA will issue an unrecoverable error.
Other than the available RAM in the server, user also need to aware of following:
- 32-bit Windows OS has limit of 2GB memory usage per session
- While 64-bit Windows OS is 8 TB

Export result to Word/Excel will consume much more memory compare to export to CSV.
And it is often required trial and error to find out the maximum row allowed with the available memory.

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Environment Details
Products Affected: OfficeMail
UPDATED:  June 19, 2017