How to configure attachment accessible for user in OfficeMail

User able to add attachment to OfficeMail system at AWS/UWS (admin website/user website) - Configuration - Media - Attachment.
Please note that attachment creation can bound to all companies or specific one.

With attachment created at OfficeMail system, admin user will need to assign the role that has the accessibility to the attachment to user who need to use the attachment.

To make sure the role has the accessibility to the attachment, go to AWS/UWS - Organisation - Manage - Role.
Select the appropriate role e.g. PI-OFMA-DEFAULT and make sure the attachment is ticked.
Amended role will need to be update too.

User who need to use the attactment would required minimum of following roles:
PI-OFMA-DEFAULT (or any custom role that has the accessibility to the attachment, as well as other items e.g. mailing envelope, sheet stock, mailing service, etc)

After assigned the required roles to a user, it is required to restart the Printer Driver in order to take effect.
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UPDATED:  April 13, 2017