How to reuse participants in a Dialog with "Allow multiple occurrence of customers" setting and 'Inactivate' operation in Portrait Dialogue

To allow a Dialog's participants to be used in operations in the Dialog more than once, select the Allow multiple occurrence of customers check box when creating a  new Dialog.
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Participants can then be used multiple times in different operations in the Dialog.
To differentiate a participant from other occurrences of itself it is important to use differing contextual information for each occurrence in the selections that are used in Dialogs.
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When Allow multiple occurrence of customers has not previously been chosen for the Dialog (it can only be selected when creating a Dialog), there is still a way to change the database for Dialogs that are not currently in use and that have no participants in any group by clearing the Dialog.
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In this specific situation a change can be made to the PD database in the
DIALOGUE table in the DLG_ALLOW_MULT_CUST column. Note that we do not recommend that manual changes be made to a Live database.
It is important to remember to specify context for these Dialogs later on, so the same participants will be differentiated by a their context.

The other way to reuse participants for Dialogs for which the Allow multiple occurrence of customers setting was not specified, is to use an Inactivate operation.
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Inactivated means that the participant is no longer participating in the Dialog. If a participant is not taking part in the Dialog then it can be used again.
(There should now be a value of 0 in the To group box below this operation.)
If the value something other than 0, Inactivating this would mean that there are some active participants who would no longer be able to be used again in the Dialog.

A participant that went through a Dialog's operation and then went through the Inactivate operation will retain its history of participating in the operations.
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UPDATED:  April 12, 2017