What Pararmeters are required to build Entry Point Load Sequence

The function of ENT SQ is to resequence entry points in your mailing. This allows the user to control the timing of your mailing based on geography.

To setup ENT SQ the user will need the facility code and the first 3DG's of the 5DG zip code of the facility.
The facility code is [B]NDC or [S] SCF i.e. along with the first 3DG of the 5DG for the facility.
example: ENT SQ B001 01- you can find the NDC and SCF code required by reviewing the rpt report in a presort job that processed NDC or SCF entry points. The other option is auto build the seq using the parameter [ENT SQ position 24 Auto Build the Sequence] in position 26-28 of the ENT SQ give the 3-Digit center point [3DG zip] for option [I] or [O] in Auto Build the Sequence. There is also the option in ENT SQ to Auto Build the Sequence in either [Build sequence number east to west] or [Build sequence number west to east] all this information is in  the MSPv833 reference guide 

UPDATED:  August 31, 2017