How to add Arc SDE layer Connections in Confirm

Product Feature: Mapping

Operating System: Windows 2003
Refer to the Confirm Help page 'Adding ESRI ArcSDE Layers'

Layers stored within an ESRI Spatial Database Engine can be added to the Workspace.

ESRI ArcSDE can be connected to directly for Oracle and SQL Server. It can also be connected to via an ArcSDE Application Server service.

Populate these values for the required ArcSDE database:

 SQL Server and Service connections

For SQL Server: Enter the server name running the database

For Service Connections: Enter the server name running the ESRI service
 Oracle and Service connections

For Oracle connections: Enter the Oracle TNS entry for the database

For Service connections: Enter Port:<Number> for the ESRI service
 Service connections

SDE Database Name
 User name with access to the data
 User password
Coordinate System:
 Specify the Coordinate System the layer(s) being added are stored in. Specifying an incorrect Coordinate System can result in a blank layer being added. By default this value is set to the Coordinate System of the current Workspace, if a new workspace is used where no layers have been loaded this value is set to the Coordinate System specified in the Map System Settings screen. If the Map System Settings screen's Coordinate System value is not set then it will revert to Longitude / Latitude.
Connect Button:
 Click the Connect button to retrieve a list of available layers. Select one or more layers (using CTRL and SHIFT keys) and click OK. The selected layers will be added to the Map.

Note: The computer running Confirm must have an ESRI product installed, that is capable of connecting to an SDE database, for example, ArcGIS. Specifically, it must include the sde*, pe* and sg* DLLs in order for a successful connection to be made. The computer's Path environment variable must also be updated to include the directory where these files exist. For example "C:\Program Files\ArcGIS\Desktop10.0\Bin".
UPDATED:  October 10, 2017