Refreshing the Confirm Database Map Layers' database connections and map workspaces

Products Affected: Confirm®, Confirm® OnDemand
This activity is likely to be required after a database restore but may also improve the time taken for a Map Workspace to load if it contains Confirm Database Map Layers.  Map layers that are Confirm Database Map Layers are shown on the Registered Layers and Layers panes with a blue 'C' icon on the Map Workspace Manager screen.

To refresh the back end database connections for any Confirm Database Map Layers being used in a Feature Group:
  1. Go into the Feature Group screen.
  2. For each of the Feature Groups that are using Confirm Database Map Layers you should select the Do not use Confirm Database Map Layer option.
  3. Click Save.
  4. Re-select the Use Confirm Database Map Layer option.
  5. Click Save.
This will re-point the registered layers to the current database instance (as opposed to the previous one).

Once all the connections have been refreshed it may be necessary to rebuild the Map Workspaces, a task done using the Map Workspace Manager. The map workspaces are normally cleared down when a Confirm OnDemand database refresh is carried out.
UPDATED:  February 7, 2019