How to populate the Mail.dat files to indicate an eInduction mailing, Field Code CSM-1186 eInduction Indicator using MailStream Plus

Products affected:  MailStream Plus™
Product Feature: Mail.dat

Operating System: All Platforms

To make the Mail.dat files generated by MailStream Plus™ indicate the mailing is eInduction, use a xx INF parameter with MDEIND sub keyword starting in position 28, and a Y in position 35

If the whole mailing is eInduction, you can use an RP INF, like this-
RP INF                     MDEIND Y

If only certain entry points are eInduction, or certain batches, you can use an EP INF or BATINF instead of RP INF.  

For additional information on MDEIND, and xx INF parameters,  please refer to the MailStream Plus Guide.
UPDATED:  March 12, 2019